What are falafel waffles? Why did you name your website after them? Why am I here???
I suppose I should introduce myself.
This one day, I was in the kitchen making Okonomiyake, which is a sort of Japanese street food. If you haven't tried it yet, you should, because it may possibly become your favorite fun dinner party food... Anywho, more on that to follow later when I post the recipe. I looked over at my newly purchased waffle iron, and suddenly wondered, what on earth would posses me to buy a gadget that had only one primary use, which is as I am sure you have guessed... making waffles. Frustrated with the unpredictable results, and truth be told BORING method of flipping the okonomiyake with a spatula like a normal person, I spread my pork belly slices (yes, this amazing recipe includes pork belly) on the bottom of my waffle iron, plopped some batter on top, and closed the lid. I continued to make less boring okonomiyake "waffles", while ranting the whole time to my husband/partner in crime (Randy) about all of the possibilities, including opening a food truck called "Falafel Waffles" that only served food made in waffle irons,  including falafel. While I still think that is a genius idea, I have way too many hobbies/business pursuits already, and I resolved with myself that I would not ever do this. However, Randy somewhat jokingly said I should start a blog, where I could share my ideas online, including rants, recipes, research articles, and many other endeavors. That should answer the first two questions.
Why are you here? Well,  how should I know? (sarcasm). . . All jokes aside, the purpose of this website is because I love to do research, try new things, talk about new ideas, etc. etc. and it would be a shame to keep all of this valuable information, yummy recipes, and resources all to myself and Randy, and our few friends and family who are unfortunate enough to get their ear talked off by me... Here you will find original and adapted (to near perfection) recipes, blog posts about many different topics, including but not limited to: cooking, backpacking, women's health, diet (I am not a dietician, just an avid researcher), and various rants, and you will also find articles discussing my favorite online resources,  reviews of products, and links to these and other things that you may find helpful in various pursuits. Okay, enough of this. Here is a recipe for falafel waffles.

Falafel Waffles

2 cups dried chickpeas
1/2 cup finely chopped flat leaved parsley
1 medium white onion chopped into small pieces
6 large garlic cloves, minced (never crushed)
2-3 tablespoons Ras El Hanout

Cover chickpeas with cool water and cover. Let sit at least overnight. Drain well. Add all ingredients to food processor. Mix until the mixture is combined, but not a total paste. The mixture should stick together well. Remove any large chunks of chickpea and refrigerate for about an hour.
You can now use your batter in your well oiled waffle iron, or bake it, or fry it. If you use the waffle iron, make sure you let it cook completely before you attempt to remove it. Serve with chopped tomatoes, cucumber, fresh parsley, and yogurt and/or tahini sauce.


01/12/2017 4:09am

I would love to try this out someday. The ingredients you stated is not that widely known around my place. I would have to buy those online or order from a far place. If only I had the proper resources, I would've been able to make this Falafel waffle. For now, I can only digest the taste by reading your comments and by imagining its creation.

07/05/2017 3:54pm

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I'd like to know how does it looks like. Do you have some photos of this?


I prefer pies or cakes more than waffles. Don't like them so much!


Falafel waffles? That's a good idea! I definitely should try these waffles.

08/08/2017 1:00am

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Would love to see more posts like this.

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